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  1. I love this style of graphic art, very striking and bold. Now I’ll have to find some favourites and post them.

  2. yeltnuh says:

    Yes, please do. I’d like to see your choices.

    • It’s a matter of time and pressure at the moment. My blog will be neglected for a while. I have all these ideas but one post seems to take me forever! And I’m a bit shy.

      • yeltnuh says:

        I understand shy; I think I’m just good at pretending. I’m hiding for a bit myself, but I won’t let the introvert take over. Well, that’s a bit of a lie. 🙂

      • Oh, I’m glad you’re back! I was thinking I may have offended you by a stupid comment. I say too much at times. I’ve just finished my book! I’d love you to see it. I may post the first few pages. Or maybe not. I’ll see. What’s wrong with being an introvert? I’m happy. My husband does the socialising and I walk a lot. Perfect match.

      • yeltnuh says:

        I’m not back full force (got zinged by life), but truly: I’m rather hard to offend. I can’t wait to see your book.

  3. Judith Post says:

    I think I might have lost the connection to your blog. Missed it. Signed up to “follow” again.

    • yeltnuh says:

      Oh, Judith, I’m so pleased to have met you. I’m not doing well just now. I will find a way, but I have legal, financial, and medical walls before me. Sometimes they are too big for me to crack; such is life. Let’s call it a strategic retreat. I don’t give up, but I get weary. 🙂

  4. Hello–
    I’ve been thinking of you, missing your posts, and hoping all is well. Now, through the comments, I see you’re taking a strategic retreat. We all need those now and then. I have an imaginary refuge that I call Dottie Sue’s Training School for Nervous Breakdowns. When I’m in a rough patch, I like to dream about being admitted there.
    Thinking of you–Teresa

  5. pendantry says:

    I’m left feeling he’s in need of some form of antacid treatment. Double dose.

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