Don’t forget to watch the Fritz Lang original. One of the most important films, ever.


8 thoughts on “Metropolis

  1. Yes, I must see the original after this trailer. Somehow I’ve managed to miss it.

  2. yeltnuh says:

    Oh, really? I used to teach this one as a way to understand the techniques and perspectives of contemporary (or more contemporary) directors when they envision our potential futures. I believe I actually have a couple of copies tucked away. 🙂 (Darn, there I go again showing what a nerdy nerd I am.)

  3. owl says:

    Reblogged this on thegoodbadpeople and commented:
    Catching up on blog reading is a veritable like-fest, as I munch a bowl of shredded beets, which is the only thing to eat in the house after being away. I have a lot more to say. For now, though, THIS:

  4. I love this film so much.

    • yeltnuh says:

      Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me. There are only a few films that enchant me this much. Rear Window comes close.

  5. Sharon says:

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