poem of the day: And What it Means by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer

And What it Means

Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer

and what it means to smell of happy grass
to travel in blue irises while the ancient gods
flutter past unrippled on a smile
what it means to spell love upside down
on an awkward tablecloth
as if you have never before
written or loved

and what it means paralysed by L-
love firstly and forever to be round
with blue rain to gleam proudly in the sun
to comprehend in a brand-green beaming volapük
and to sail your golden horn till the bight of genova
and sargasso sea in the wind
with hearts agreeing like a syllogism
folded together like a swiss knife
to wake up in the armpit of venice

you know what it means for you give meaning
to grass waking up alphabet and the seven seas
untranslatable are these days
that dance on the toes of logic
after this summer there
is no excuse for autumn


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