(poem of the day) Evening by HD



The light passes
from ridge to ridge,
from flower to flower—
the hepaticas, wide-spread
under the light
grow faint—
the petals reach inward,
the blue tips bend
toward the bluer heart
and the flowers are lost.

The cornel-buds are still white,
but shadows dart
from the cornel-roots—
black creeps from root to root,
each leaf
cuts another leaf on the grass,
shadow seeks shadow,
then both leaf
and leaf-shadow are lost.

mock orange hugs lily


2 thoughts on “(poem of the day) Evening by HD

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Is it you who caught the mock orange hugging the lily? Nice photo. Also, I’m an avid gardener, so I loved the beautiful imagery in the poem.

  2. yeltnuh says:

    Yes, that’s one of my mockers. 🙂 there is a non-climbing clematis in the photo, too.

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