(poem of the day) Old World by Philip Levine

Old World

Philip Levine


7 thoughts on “(poem of the day) Old World by Philip Levine

  1. I loved the reading, and the poet!

    • yeltnuh says:

      Do you read much poetry? Any favourites?

      • Oh, yes! But I suspect I’m more old world than you 🙂
        With poetry it’s only possible to name one’s current crush, in my case C.P.Cavafy (the recent Daniel Mendelsohn translation), Anne Carson (always, always), Peter Porter (rediscovered after many years, following his death a year or so ago). I love, love Derek Walcott (White Egrets, his latest book is just wonderful) and Charles Simic. I can’t go on. We have many great Australian poets and I plan to post on them – sometime. But I’m not sure I can keep up this blogging gig – it’s too stressful! Maybe it’s me. My son said I’m the only person he knows who stresses over a blog 🙂

  2. yeltnuh says:

    Poets who write about the material conditions of everyday life always speak to me in a visceral way. So many of our ideas about art are ummmm redirected by what passes itself off as ‘normal’ and have always been inaccessible to me, unless I perform an act of impersonation (of middle classes). Poetry is and must always be, is already, political. That’s what I love about it.

    • Poetry should always be subversive, even if quietly and sneakily so. Otherwise it’s an advertising jingle for the status quo. Too blatantly, though, and it comes across as didactic. It should awaken the senses to new possibilities rather than plonk a ready-cooked meal on your plate.

      Great to hear Philip Levine talking at length.

  3. yeltnuh says:

    Poetry al dente: yes!

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