(poem of the day) The Karlevi Runestone

The Karlevi runestone in Vickleby Parish, Mörbylånga Municipality, Öland, Sweden.

“This stone is placed in memory of Sibbi the good, Fuldarr’s son, and his retinue placed on … …

He lies concealed,
he who was followed
by the greatest deeds (most men knew that),
a chieftain (battle-tree of [the Goddess] Þrúðr)
in this howe;
Never again shall such a battle-hardened sea-warrior (Viðurr-of-the-Carriage of [the Sea-king]
Endill’s mighty dominion ( = God of the vessels of the sea) ),
rule unsurpassed over land in Denmark.”
Karlevi Runestone

2 thoughts on “(poem of the day) The Karlevi Runestone

  1. Judith Post says:

    I’m surprised how well you can still see the letters on the stone. Or has it been redone? It’s pretty impressive.

  2. yeltnuh says:

    I didn’t see anything about the process when I poked around. My guess (really, this is a long shot) would be a vegetable dye applied to the carving, but I trulyndon’t know. I did learn that there are quite a few of these throughout the US. I read about one in Oklahoma, of all places.

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