Bloomsday countdown: Ulysses’ Gaze

A legacy: Homer, Joyce, Angelopoulos.

Each re-visioning adds to my experience of its predecessors: I hope you’ll agree. Today, I will read a section of Joyce’s Ulysses accompanied by Karaindrou’s haunting music.

“A tribute to the amazing film from Theo Angelopoulos, with Harvey Keitel, Maia Morgenstern and Erland Josephson. A truly masterpiece. Music from the film´s soundtrack, composed by Eleni Karaindrou.”


2 thoughts on “Bloomsday countdown: Ulysses’ Gaze

  1. Intriguing film, intriguing trailer. I don’t know any more about it other than I want to see it. What a refreshing change from the usual profligate spoilers.

    Sadly, our wee Picture House ( is unlikely to show it – might need a trip to the fleshpots of Glasgow.

  2. yeltnuh says:

    Ohmygosh! Be careful!

    If I can find a free streaming site, I’ll let you know. I’ve already checked my usual spots, but no joy.

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