Unpacking loss, unpacking Nox


You can’t know grief until you experience grief.  Its pain is ineffable. It socks your body and mind and ruins all sense of reason, meaning. Anything you’ve believed or held true becomes subject to question when someone you care for passes away because something impossibly ridiculous has happened — a living breathing someone gives up the spark of life and enters a world of objects. Voice, heart, soul, mind, touch. . . all removed from personhood.  Unmagicked into a thing, a someone becomes corpse, becomes ash, becomes not. As death and grief are universals that rip at the fabric of human understanding, of course this subject matter has inspired much in the way of the arts. Though I’ve been moved by many a film and story, I reserve this space to discuss a text that maybe you won’t happen upon on the bestsellers case at your bookstore, or hear about…

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4 thoughts on “Unpacking loss, unpacking Nox

  1. Judith Post says:

    This is lovely and unique. The packaging of the book is original and touching, like someone going through scrapbooks and memories.

  2. Someone (I can’t remember who it was) said about Anne Carson that she was the only writer whose latest work was an automatic purchase for them, whether it was a book of poems or an essay on the classics. Because I love her poetry so much, I bought Nox with this in mind, not knowing what to expect from it, and I unpacked it with slight trepidation. But what a remarkable unfolding of connections and emotions it turned out to be! I’m so glad you shared this.

  3. yeltnuh says:

    She is both brilliant and talented–I completely agree. Certainly, she is a writer everyone interested in ideas should follow. I’m so glad you share my tastes, Catherine.

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