(poem of the day) ‘Agua de bordes lứbricos’ (also translated) by Coral Bracho

“Agua de bordes lứbricos” (“Water’s Lumbricious Edges”)

Coral Bracho

Curious to learn more about this fine poet? 


4 thoughts on “(poem of the day) ‘Agua de bordes lứbricos’ (also translated) by Coral Bracho

  1. Judith Post says:

    Is your first love poetry? I’m not that knowledgeable in poetry. One of the women in my writers’ group is, and I admire her skills. It seems like a specialized skill to me. I admire it, but don’t always understand it.

  2. yeltnuh says:

    I don’t like choosing, but yes, I suppose poetry speaks to me more immediately than any other artistic medium except sculpture. Partly it is training–both formal and experiential–but partly it is a movement of the mind. Before I stopped writing and running a variety of arts magazines, I was a poem performer. 🙂 A project that I have never quite managed: I want to make a town of voices, using the dramatic monologue as my departure point. Maybe someday. What I do falls somewhere between poetry and short fiction, another of my great literary loves.

  3. yeltnuh says:

    p.s. If you know the process Sherwood Anderson underwent to get his voices just right, that is very close to what I think. I mean in Winesburg, Ohio, of course. I am an unreformed modernist.

  4. yeltnuh says:

    pps. Coral Bracho speaks to me across language. I don’t understand Spanish, but I dislike (maybe hate) the English version of her poem.

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