(poem of the day) ‘STRAY BULLETS (OKA RE/VISION)’ by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

*nb: the current plight/fight of the Musqueam in Vancouver, BC, reminds me of this writer and Oka

my touch is a history book
full of lies and half-forgotten truths
written by others
who hold the pens
and power

my heart is a stray bullet
ricocheting in an empty room

my head was sold
for the first shiny trinket

my beliefs were bought cheap
like magic potions at a travelling road show
with promises
everyone wants to believe
but only a fool invests in

my name was stolen
by bandits in black robes
my world was taken
for a putting green


on twitter, follow the breaking news of this historic event #Musqueam @cusnaum


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