The Eagleman Stag

If you haven’t seen this short film, take a few minutes to be amazed. The animation here is astounding. Truly, it’s so good you won’t even notice the lack of colour. I like the use of sharp edges and angles that accentuate the main character’s (Peter) developing perspective

I’m not alone in these views: it’s the 2011 BAFTA award winning short film from Mikey Please.


2 thoughts on “The Eagleman Stag

  1. Shimky says:

    I watched this just a few days ago and agree: it really is a remarkable piece of work. It must have taken the artist a huge amount of time and commitment to complete the process. Wonderful stuff.

  2. yeltnuh says:

    I’m so glad you wrote! This is one of those shorts that leaves me amazed on several levels simultaneously. I think maybe I posted it so I could keep it close to hand . . . . It’s nice to find people who share my erm quirky tastes.

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